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I derive much enjoyment from exporting most of the furniture we make to commission from wonderful woods grown in the UK.  Sadly, this is in high contrast to the norm.


The disintegrated nature of our forestry, design and timber-using industries has increased our dependence on importing 80% of our timber and timber products.  This has prompted me to initiate a ten-year programme with the Victoria and Albert Museum to bring foresters, sawmillers, designers, architects, builders, and manufacturers into constructive collaboration.


On March 1st, the V&A is hosting this year’s symposium to promote exchange between these sectoral interests vital to greater self-reliance.  We hear a lot about ‘planting trees’.  Whilst important, more crucial is their management to provide an enduring renewable source of prime timber and a rich natural environment locking-in carbon, generating diverse employment, and the better use of British timber in high quality buildings and products.

Screen Shot 2023-01-09 at 13.23.35.png

I would like to invite you to take part.  There is no charge, but please do book promptly online to secure a place by following this link to V&A. Make Good: Symposium 2023.

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