Commissioning John Makepeace

"John is represented by the Sarah Myerscough Gallery abroad. Recent projects have been completed for the private collection at Chatsworth, the Fitzwilliam Museum, Plymouth University, the Carpenter's Company, and clients in Hong Kong and USA."

Essence of design

For me, design addresses issues of function, structure and expression. ‘Function’ relates to our total interaction with an object. ‘Structure’ aims to achieve more with less, whilst ‘expression’ is what aesthetically places the object at a particular moment in the history of furniture.

Why furniture?

Even the simplest most minimal homes need furniture to support our daily patterns of living. But the role of furniture is so much more than purely functional. It is an expression of our values and our aspirations.

Why wood?

Engineers know about the outstanding structural properties of timber. Environmentalists recognise the ecological benefits of trees as they absorb carbon and produce oxygen. We all appreciate timber’s infinite variety of grain, colour and warmth.

Modern craftsmanship

That variety makes wood a wonderful medium for individual craftsmanship. Unlike any other material, we can use and express it in its natural form. Long established skills enable us to utilise its special properties, and its potential is evolving as we research new possibilities.

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